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About Website Screenshot Generator

What is this tool?

Smallseotoolz is a thumbnail generator which allows one to capture, store, and screen screenshots of any URL.

How to use this tool?

Display your URL screenshots online with simple HTML that may be fit into any website, or keep a library of recorded images. Smallseotoolz can be saved by you to your computer or manage them online. See and manage your smallseotoolz with your on-line account. Keep your smallseotoolz up-to-date by setting up automatic recapture schedules and recapturing your thumbnails. It is possible to show your screenshots in your website, build an online library of URL snapshots as well as post your screenshots.

Tips about this tool

Host screen shots in your online account by establishing automatic capture schedules and maintain a history of smallseotoolz for each URL - ideal for making your historical audit! Smallseotoolz functions and keeps your smallseotoolz. Resource concerns, traffic prices, and storage are taken off your hands. Would you like your screen shots at particular size? Smallseotoolz allows you to get your screenshots at just about any size.

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