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URL Rewriting Tool

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Eg. http://www.example.com/test.php?firstid=1&secondid=10

About URL Rewriting Tool

What is this tool?

This URL Rewriting Tool will help you turn your dynamic URL that is long into a shorter and static one. Why have rewritten URLs? Static URLs are not worse than ones that are dynamic as they are easier to remember for end-users.

How to use this tool?

They can be easier to bookmark. Also, they perform better for search engine ranking purposes. The URLs appear better and can probably get engaged on more frequently. The URLs will provide greater point text if the URLs are used by individuals whilst the link anchor text.

Tips about this tool

If you later change CMS packages having clear primary URLs associated with content make it simpler to mesh that content with the CMS that is new. The benefits Google espouses for dynamic URLs (Googlebot being able to stab more random research endeavors into a search box) is helpful in case your site design is poor, and you have way more PageRank than material (such as a Wikipedia or TechCrunch)

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