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About Code to Text Ratio Checker

What is this tool?

Code to text ratio composes the portion of actual text on a web page compared to the portion of HTML code, and search engines us it to figure out the relevancy of a website.

How to use this tool?

A greater code to text ratio will increase your chances of getting a better ranking in internet search engine results. Not all search engines utilize the code to text ratio, but some do... so it offers you a leading advantage over challengers and across all search engines when you do make it a priority to have a higher code to text ratio in your website.

Tips about this tool

To make use of this tool, simply input the URL of any web page (do not limit yourself to assessing only the top level domain!) and hit enter. Your results will show the Page Size, Code Size, Text Size, and Code to Text Ratio--which is the percent of that page that is text. Code to text ratio checker is utilized to figure out the percentage of the text on a web page. This tool is also called the page text ratio or visible text ratio as it calculates the percentage of the text which will be visible in the body of the page code versus the non-observable information in a web page including image tags and HTML code. To look over the code to text ratio, you need to enter your domain name in the software. Also, it will calculate the accurate percentage of visible text versus non observable advice.

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