Class C Ip Checker

Class C Ip Checker

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About Class C Ip Checker

What is this tool?

Some Text About On-Line Domain Name IP Lookup Did you know that it's considered to host multiple cross-linked web sites on Class C IP ranges that are different? This nifty tool checks whether a couple of domain names, which will help you discover Class C blocks and duplicate IP addresses are being hosted by the same Class C IP range.

How to use this tool?

Just enter the absolute minimum of two, and up to 20, domain names (one domain per line) in the big text box and begin your test. It can possess an adverse effect on the Page Rank and Search Engine Optimization attempts to your personal site when you share an IP address with other sites. It's going to have an adverse impact on your website as well when you share an IP address with other websites which were blacklisted or deliberately blocked by search engines due to unsuitable content.

Tips about this tool

Class C IP checker application is the most powerful SEO tool used to check whether precisely the same IP address is being used by the same tool or not. Then it may be used to block the duplicate IP address in the event two or more same IP address is founded by the software. Website owners may also make use of this tool for checking whether if their IP address is involved in any activity that is malware or in spamming action. Spamming and malware activities will not be at all good for the site as they can perform major damage to the site. A few of the major damages are a direct control to private computer systems which may quickly create a catastrophe or loss of confidential information. So, it's easier to make utilization of IP checker tool and also to make use of this tool, enter the IP address of the tool and your website will automatically find the duplicate IP address if found.

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